Meet Popular UK Juju Musician, DELE BLACKO

Meet Popular UK Juju Musician, DELE BLACKO

•As He Speaks On His Music Career

Popular UK-based Juju musician, Dele Backo is a phenomenal performer who has made a name for himself at home and abroad. He has been in the game for over 25 years. He used to learn how to compose songs in the studio as an engineer, which has taken him to a higher level and he’s not backing down anytime soon. The ever young and creative juju maestro spoke to City People’s SOLA BAMIDELE recently on the journey so far.

How did you get into the Juju Music sector?

First of all my dad usually plays lots of Juju records so I basically grew up and fell in love listening  to Juju music and other genre’s  similar to it like highlife. Apala, Owambe, Fuji, e.t.c. But I fully got into Juju music production   in the early 90’s  when I used to work in the studio as an engineer and record producer, so I got to meet and work with lots of the great musicians that I grew up listening to so since then I have been attached and addicted to Juju music as a genre of music that I loved and played  passionately till date.

Who were the established musicians that inspired you back then when you were starting out? King Sunny Ade, Chief Ebenezer Obey, Sir Shina Peters, Orlando Owo, Haruna Ishola, Ambrose Campbell, I.K Dairo, Babatunde Nightingale, Victor Olaiya, Alhaji Barrister Ayinde, Fela Kuti e.t.c

How long have you been in music industry,  what were your initial  ambitions as a young star?

I have been in the music industry for over 30 years. My first initial ambition was to be a great footballer because I was actually really good at that in my early stage in life.

What sort of challenges did you have to contend with before you became an established brand?

 At first my dad didn’t want me to play music at all and then the normal usual things everyone go through when trying to establish a brand, like fear of unknown, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, financial issues, not being able to get support from the right people, working extra hard to prove your brand to the people.

What job gave you your big break in the industry?

It was a song called (Kaju mbe) but then I was doing a bit of hip pop mixed with juju but for now I can say my new song (Oduduwa) is doing it big for me everywhere right now.

You have been involved in a lot of high profile events, how has this rubbed off on your brand?

It has helped my brand to be more  known, popular and accepted by many.

As a top/international artiste you must’ve worked with a lot of A-list music stars, give us a few names and experience you had with them?

So far I have worked  and toured with king Sunny Ade both in the studio and on stage as a keyboardist and a producer, I also worked with Sir Shina Peters, late Sir Victor Olaiya  to mention a few. It was all  good experiences I must say.

Which artiste did you enjoy working with the most?

My  boss king Sunny Ade, he’s second to none. 

Who are the artistes that will make your list of Top 5 Best Naija artistes?

If you’re talking about juju sector it will be King Sunny Ade, Shina Peters, Obey Commander, Alhaji Barrister Ayinde and K1 the ultimate.

How much support did you get from your parents when you told them you wanted to become a musician?

Initially my dad was against it but later supported me after seeing my musical efforts  working  and touring the world  with the biggest  band in Africa (King Sunny Ade African beats) but my mum has always been in support of my music career from day one

How  was growing up like for you/how long have you been abroad?

I grew up like every other normal kid  in Nigeria, I was born and raised  in the church (Celestial Church of Christ) I discovered my  interest in music at the age of seven by playing percussive instruments  in the church  before I later  progressed to playing  piano between the ages of 10-15. I have been living  abroad for  2 decades  before moving back to Nigeria January 2021. Despite the fact that you are doing well in diaspora,  is there any plan to key back into Naija music industry?

I just moved back to Nigeria finally  early 2021  though I have always been involved and present in Nigeria music industry back and forth all the while but am fully back now, as you know there is no place like home.

How did u get your stage name Blacko?

My peers especially girls used to tease me back then in school, they are always making fun of me that am  black o so when I wanted to clinch  a stage name for myself I thought about the  saying (this guy is black o) so  I decided   to add the letter  o to the  black making it Blacko that’s the story behind  my stage name Blacko.

What inspired your new album track/video?

My inspiration is from God and more importantly the situation  across  the globe.  Also things  around me  and in our society today especially what’s going on  in the Yoruba region. I  just have to lend my voice in  my own little way with my music. My  new  record Oduduwa audio and  video says it all if you listen and watch the video.


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