Mum Shares Video of Her Daughter Meeting Her Newborn Twins for the First Time

Jan 18, 2024 | Entertainment, News

  • A video of a little girl meeting her newborn twin siblings for the first time has moved people online
  • The girl said hello to her mum, who was resting on the hospital bed, and then approached the twins with curiosity
  • She could not hide her joy as she kissed them softly on their heads and marveled for a long time

A heartwarming video of a little girl’s first encounter with her twin siblings who had just been born went viral on TikTok.

The girl entered the hospital room where her mum was lying on the bed, recovering from the delivery.

Photo of young girl
The girl was excited. Photo credit: @vivie_empiree/TikTok
Source: TikTok

She greeted her mum with a sweet smile and then turned her attention to the twins, who were wrapped in blankets and sleeping peacefully.

In the video shared by @vivie_empiree, she walked towards them with wonder and excitement, eager to see their faces. She gently kissed them on their heads, showing her love and affection.

She looked at them with admiration and awe, as if she could not believe that they were her brothers or sisters.

The video captured the precious moment of a family growing bigger and happier.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Selinaboateng34 said:

“I receive mine in Jesus name.”

Omah reacted:

“Awwwwn..she’s going to be a very great big sister.”

User87893789382 wrote:

“Congratulations as I tap into your blessing.”

Kgomotso Mawayi commented:

“Congratulations also expecting Twins this month, Did u do normal delivery.”

Vivie Empiree responded:

“I did a C-section per my doctor’s advice. Congratulation on your bundles of joy! Hang in there you’re almost at the finish.”


“The big sister is so happy.”

Lady N:

“So adorable just found out m pregnant excited.”


“Am next to be celebrated amen.”

Big Blessing:

“I can’t wait to see mine by the end of the month.”

Mother shares video of her cute twins who look like her

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young mother has melted many hearts on TikTok with the video of her amazing twin babies.

In the short clip, which was shared by Ayanda Sibisi, the mum was in the midst of the kids as they sat and played.

She revealed in the caption of the video that the kids are currently seven months old.


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