Music now money-spinner for Nigerian youths — Ayodele, Freshkid Entertainment boss

Music now money-spinner for Nigerian youths — Ayodele, Freshkid Entertainment boss

Music now money-spinner for Nigerian youths — Ayodele, Freshkid Entertainment boss
Ayodele, Freshkid Entertainment boss

Nigerian youths have now discovered an alternative to white-collar jobs, in the music industry, which many creative ones are now rushing into because it is a very lucrative business, an expert entertainment promoter has said.

Ajayi Mustapha Ayodele, the founder of Freshkid Entertainment, who made the statement while assessing happenings in the industry, noted that, in recent years, there have been developments in the Nigeria’s entertainment industry, principally among which he called the “technological breakthrough.”

The Freshkid Entertainment boss, said with over 11 years experience of providing services, managing and discovering talents, he has seen dramatic turnaround in the industry, which he said has given a lot of hope to practitioners, especially the youngsters he said are now trooping to the industry.

He, has as an entertainment manager, and someone who has been part of star makers in Nigeria, said it is not far fetched that things are better now than they were, and that the youth are taking the good advantage of opportunities already created in the industry.

“For instance, not minding the fact that the need to obey Covid-19 protocols and most especially, keeping the social distance, which made government announced the closure of club houses, and there were no stage shows, likewise social gatherings were prohibited, and all these being avenues for entertainers to register their presence and thrive, those with technology skills still made a headway.

“But it is good to note that, in all these, music didn’t lose its patronage and boom. Now, with the use of technology, Nigerians still connected with their favourites artistes virtually, and this even increased the online presence of some.

“With just a click on a link on their phones or other internet compliant devises, Nigerians can hook up with their musical models on different social platforms and there are apps that are primarily developed to meet up with music lovers interests.”

On his relationship with artistes, Ayodele, said he once managed Africa China, while he said he had, in the past been part of the team that brought out YCEE under Tinny Entertainment as a content generator and content distributor.

Ayodele, also a social media strategist, who hinted that he had at a time worked with the likes of Samkleff, Blaqjerzee, 2Sec, Solidstar, Vikoliver, Bimbi Phillips and some others, encouraged youths to be more creative and discover themselves early enough to be able to register a presence in the industry.

“Music is a lucrative business and money-spinner, for those who will take advantage of the opportunities in the system. You don’t need a full band now to produce a song, technology will sort this aspect of it out for you, then, patronise good producers which is an added advantage to productivity and also learn from those who have been there before you.

“Most importantly now, the government should pump money into the industry and create facilities for easy-to-access loans, likewise the corporate bodies should further support practitioners in the industry, and together we will work things out for the good of the country as outputs from Nigerian entertainment industry is a good export for foreign earnings that will further improve Nigerian economy,” Ayodele said.

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