My heart has been broken many times – Temidayo Babatunde

My heart has been broken many times – Temidayo Babatunde

Delectable actress Temidayo Babatunde started acting in 2003 with the Ogungbesan Theatre Group in Ilorin, Kwara State. For reasons best known to her, she was inconsistent until 2017 when she really took the full plunge.

Her passion and commitment have birthed her 7 films of her own, namely: Twist of Fate, Ife Ojiji, Ife Fun Ife, Aseoluwa, Karahun (Greed), Eru (Not Released yet) and Ipa (Force).

In this interview with AYO ONIKOYI, Entertainment Editor, she speaks about her journey so far and the experiences garnered along the way.

Unforgettable experience

I was called for a job in Ibadan from Lagos, after spending 2days in location rehearsing my character, waiting for my turn to act my role, they gave my supposed character to a lady because her father is a topnotch actor in the industry without telling me. I felt extremely embarrassed. I noticed I was totally ignored. When I called the attention of the producer and director I was told my character had been given out to a lady that just came in.

After much confrontation and argument, the director pleaded and gave me a role to feature in.. But I can never forget that experience in my life.

Sacrifices made

I have sacrificed working in a good organisation with a good salary structure for acting. I have used huge money I could have invested in good businesses for good profit to produce films where I didn’t make as much profit.

On love

My heart has been broken many times but I believe it’s part of learning. You can’t have it all, you win some and you lose some.

Acting and livelihood

This question I will answer for myself only, acting doesn’t pay my bills. I have some other things that do that for me. Besides, I am not into acting because I want to make money, I do it because I have passion for it. So, whether it pays my bills or not, I don’t mind because that’s not the primary objective.

Selling point

My selling point is my face and shape. It has really helped my career in a positive way. I have actually been given a role I didn’t merit because of my looks. I am so happy I look this way.

Turn on and off in the opposite sex

Once you are smart, educated, and good looking, those characteristics turn me on and make me want to come close to you 100%. No one loves a dullard


I think as actors, we shouldn’t have any limitations. I want to explore each and every kind of role but I would like to work in movies which are based on history. In future, if I get an opportunity to play a real character then I will be more than happy but apart from that I don’t have specific preferences because as an actor I feel I shouldn’t restrict myself. I want to explore everything.

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