My parents felt going to clubs would make me a bad boy

My parents felt going to clubs would make me a bad boy

By Sylvester Kwentua

Cool Dj Timz, whose real name is Rahmon Timilehin, is a young and talented Dj. The young man, who was born and bred in Oyo state, Nigeria, dreams of becoming the best Dj in Nigeria in a few years time. In this encounter, Rahmon insists he is better than some Dj’s in Nigeria, while naming Dj Jimmy Jat as the Dj he looks up to.

Who is Rahmon Timilehin?

Rahmon Timileyin is from the south west of Nigeria. I was born and bred in Ring Road Ibadan,

Why did you choose to be a DJ?

It’s something I have had the passion for since when i was a kid. I feel joyous anytime I’m doing my thing, because music is life and art.

How long have you been a Dj?

For two years now, I started this Dj stuff in May 2019.

What have you achieved so far as a Dj?

Well, I have worked with many big talents in the Nigeria entertainment industry, and I still have some ongoing projects. So I thank God for the journey so far.

Have you produced any mixtape?

Yes. I just released my latest mix tape a few days ago, titled “Exclusive hype amapiano mixtape”, featuring my senior colleague @DJ Teemix.

How old are you?

I was born in September 2000.

Would you love to talk about your education history?

I gained admission into a college of education in 2014, but I dropped out in 2016 due to the financial crisis, and started hustling on the street to start my career.

Are you married or single?

I’m single.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not at the moment.

Are you signed unto any record label?

No. I am yet a big brand.

Who is your role model in the Nigerian music industry?

I have a lot of them, but I look forward to being better than Dj Jimmy Jat, who is my role model, fortunately.

What impact would you bring to the Nigerian entertainment industry as a DJ?

I want to give hope to the young ones, and take Nigeria’s entertainment industry globally by being the best Dj ever to come out from Nigeria.

Do you think it is possible, being that we have established Dj’s in Nigeria already?

Very possible. I strongly feel I got better skills than most of all these known Dj’s you are talking about.

Are your parents in support of your career as a DJ? What have their reactions been like so far?

Wow. When I began showing traces of being a Dj, their initial fear was that once I started going to clubs, I would become a bad boy. They vowed never to allow something like that to happen, but here I am today pursuing my dream with the support of everybody, including my parents.

How have been the public’s acceptance of you and your brand?

We thank God so far for the journey, because it’s not easy to be accepted. I also give a big shout out to all our fans, thanks for supporting the brand. I am still looking forward to growing a bigger fan base. Cheers.

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