Nigeria Lady Launches a Thriving Restaurant Business after Moving to Canada, Shows Video

Sep 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • A woman who emigrated to Canada and opened a restaurant has become a sensation on TikTok
  • She shared a video of the ordered she had received, which she was preparing to pack and deliver
  • She also showed how she cooked the food and explained how the food industry in Canada is booming due to population growth

A woman who left her home country and settled in Canada has achieved viral fame on TikTok for her restaurant business.

She posted a video showing the numerous orders she had gotten from her customers, which she was busy cooking, packing, and delivering.

Photo of Nigerian lady in Canada
Nigerian lady starts cooking in Canada. Photo credit: TikTok/@zy_harrison
Source: TikTok

She also gave a glimpse of how she prepared the delicious food with fresh ingredients and spices, and shared some insights on how the food industry in Canada is flourishing due to the increasing demand from the growing and diverse population.

Legit is yet to independently confirm the claims in the video.

Watch the video below:

Legit compiled some of the reactions below:

Coco_bae said:

“If it Nigeria now you for don collect neighbor pot.”

User3864215961485 wrote:

“Why didn’t you just get a bigger pot?”

QueenHannah official commented:

“If na for naiia now, you for just borroW mama Nkechi pot O.”


“Go and buy big pot o.”


“Great job. You can check thrift stores for a bigger pot for the meantime.”

Debbies Kitchen:

“Just a tip, cook the jollof base in the pot. And make the jollof using a big foil pan in the oven. Saves time.”


“Justice for the big pot oo. The pot saw shege. Well done. You did a great jib with limited resources.”

Lady leaves job with juicy salary, gets visa, relocates to Canada

Meanwhile, Legit earlier reported that a successful Nigerian lady said that her mother was the person who encouraged her to seek greener pastures in Canada.

The lady (@auntywumi_) stated that she was comfortable with her life, earning a N500k salary, but her mother believed she could have more.

The day her mother asked her if she was proud of her life, the lady started planning to leave the country.


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