Nigerian Couple Shares Their Inspiring Story of Buying Car in the UK Within One Month

Dec 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • A Nigerian couple who moved to the UK recently has attracted attention after buying a car in just one month
  • They displayed their new car, which had a glossy colour, and they looked very happy with it
  • They demonstrated that the UK offered many opportunities, which enabled them to earn enough money to buy a car

Many people were amazed and inspired by the story of a Nigerian couple who managed to buy a car in the UK only one month after they moved there.

They proudly showed off their new car, which had a stunning colour that sparkled in the sun, and expressed their joy and gratitude for their achievement.

Photo of husband and daughter
Nigerian couple buys a car in the UK. Photo credit: @perky1230/TikTok
Source: TikTok

They revealed that the UK was a land of abundant opportunities, which gave them the chance to work hard and earn enough money to buy a car in such a short period of time.

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Their story is a testament to their determination and resilience, as well as the possibilities that the UK offers to newcomers.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Hello799383833663 reacted:

“Eye go clear yoU O0. insUrance, mot, road tax, petrol and car maintenance no be child play for UK.”

Abiola said:

“Congratulations but then the caption to me is not necessary don’t mean to be rude though just a suggestion.”

Iamaboonasir wrote:

“Nawa but, the caption tho and besides car for abroad cheap na!”


“Lol…welcome to UK. hope the car doesn’t come with problems sha.”

Stan Lee:

“Ah. Insurance company go Dey smile like this o. Congrats.”


“Congratulations my love.”


“Congratulations sis.”

Lady relocates to UK, gets her 1st car, laughs & rejoices over japa blessing

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a lady expressed great happiness after she achieved a great feat in the United Kingdom. The lady (@millicentankyeraah) captured the moment she went to the dealership and bought her first car.

She signed all necessary documents and could not stop laughing in front of the oyinbo woman attending to her.

The lady excitedly walked to check out her new purchase in a TikTok clip. The vehicle’s interior looked clean and cool. According to her profile, she always gives DIY tips on relocation.


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