Nigerian Father Rushes Out on Hearing Wife’s Car, Showers Her with Praise and Hugs

Mar 12, 2024 | Entertainment, News

  • A Nigerian father, who was filmed greeting his wife upon her return from work, captured the hearts of TikTok users
  • The clip showed the father’s joy upon hearing his wife’s car halt, prompting him to step outside promptly
  • He lavished his wife with heartfelt praises as she emerged from her vehicle, culminating in an exuberant embrace

A devoted Nigerian father eagerly came out of hearing his beloved wife’s return from work.

As the vehicle came to a gentle stop, the father’s excitement could no longer be contained within the walls of their home.

The father welcomes his wife
The father was happy to see his wife. Photo credit: @tikuetage/TikTok
Source: TikTok

He hastened outside, his feet barely touching the ground, his heart alight with joy. The moment her presence graced the driveway, he was there to greet her, his face a canvas of pure elation.

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As shared by @tikuetage, with open arms and a spirit overflowing with adoration, he showered her with effusive encomiums, each word a testament to her importance.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Laura said:

“This kind woman nor fit fail her student e she get happy home n peace.”

Tila b wrote:

“People who grew in violent home will think daddy is not working and mom is a bread winner.”

Dora commented:

“Family wey no dey in peace go think say na script.”


“Heart beating Bim Bim Bim.”

Si-Jay Roma:

“She can work,bring money and bring ideas, I love that line.”


“He’s good with words.”

Mbom Precious:

“This should be our inspiration for love not money and gifts.”

Couple expresses their happiness

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that a heartwarming TikTok video of a couple celebrating their first child after 20 years of marriage has gone viral on TikTok.

The video showed the wife, who was overjoyed, panning the camera towards her, who was peacefully sleeping in a bed. The husband, who had waited for 20 years to finally see his own child, also appeared in the clip with a proud and satisfied expression.

The man could be seen sitting in the same place with his wife and baby. The video, shared by @ryanmum34 has received thousands of likes and comments from touched and congratulatory viewers, who praised the couple for their perseverance and faith.


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