Nigerian Man Tastes Ghana Jollof, Tells Hilda Baci To Apologize For Her Comments

Nov 30, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A Nigerian man, in a video, tasted Ghanaian jollof; mesmerised by the taste, he asked Hilda Baci to apologize to Ghanaians for her comments on the food
  • Hilda Baci earlier caused a frenzy when she said in a podcast that Ghanaian jollof did not have flavour
  • The Nigerian man shared how impressed he was with Ghanaian jollof and confessed that it tasted very good

A Nigerian man took to TikTok to publicly praise Ghanaian jollof rice, urging Nigerian chef Hilda Baci to retract her previous comments dismissing its flavour.

Nigerian Man
Nigerian man eating jollof Photo Source: actor_ud_official
Source: UGC

The dispute started when Hilda Baci stirred controversy on a podcast by asserting that Ghanaian jollof lacked the taste found in its Nigerian counterpart.

In the TikTok video, the Nigerian gentleman sampled Ghanaian jollof for the first time and was left in awe. He could not contain his amazement at the taste of the food.

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The man was not pleased about the viral comments made by Hilda Baci, emphasising how her remarks were unfounded.

Many Ghanaians were happy that a Nigerian had attested to the fact that Ghanaian jollof tasted good and praised him for his honesty. In the comments section, many people were still not pleased with Hilda Baci.

Ghanaians react to Nigerian man’s comments gathered some reactions from social media users.

Sinbad commented:

We have different types of Jollof in Ghana we have school jollof wedding jollof, party jollof, restaurant jollof, and we have funeral jollof

AJ-SOSU wrote:

My 13yrs old brother said Hilda’s jollof looks like lightsoup mixed with rice

Marval said:

Am Nigerian Ghanaian foods are the best trust me , Less maggi & very healthy

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Man shows off dance with a plate of jollof rice

Meanwhile, reported that an old man danced at a party, and the interesting moment was captured in a heartwarming video.

In the short clip, which was shared on TikTok, the man was seen with a plate of jollof rice in his hand.

He moved his legs with ease and swag despite his old age, making netizens to fall in love with his dance. Some said he was dancing because of what he went through before getting the food.


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