“No More TOEFL and IELTS”: Lady Releases Lists of US Universities Accepting Nigerians Without Them

Dec 26, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A Nigerian woman in the US shared lists of universities that waived TOEFL and IELTS requirements
  • She took her time to explore this by searching for schools that accepted Nigerians without it
  • Some of the US universities she found were Miami State University, among others ones

Many international students who want to study in the US face the challenge of taking the English proficiency test, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

However, some universities in the US have waived this requirement for certain applicants.

Photo of lady
She releases Toefl waiver list. Photo credit: @thescholarshipcafe/TikTok
Source: TikTok

A Nigerian woman living in the US decided to share her experience of finding these universities with other Nigerians who might be interested in pursuing higher education in the US.

She compiled and shared lists of universities that did not require TOEFL and IELTS scores for Nigerian students.

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Some of the universities she mentioned in a TikTok video shared by @thescholarshipcafe were: Miami State University, Oklahoma State University, Kent University and the University of Connecticut.

She hoped that her lists would help other Nigerians who wanted to study in the US without taking the English proficiency test.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Unitytouch reacted:

“Good day ma how can l apply?”

El_ollaid said:

“l just check there is no TOEFL test required.”

Ujumummy wrote:

“Hello sis I need ur help.”

Ambassador fimidara:

“E, thanks for this information.”


“Do they also offer scholarships? like fellowship or graduate assistantship?”


“Hey sis can you make one with no application fee please?”

Lady reveals top university in USA that Nigerians can attend for free

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a lady advised Nigerians to attend a US university that does not charge tuition apart from processing and application fees.

The lady, Grandma Shasha, said the US school is called the University of the People, UoP. In a TikTok post, she disclosed that degrees and certificates earned from the University of the People are recognised worldwide by employers of labour.

A check on the school’s website shows that it does not charge tuition fees but takes a token for processing and application. The application fees and processing charges differ for each level of study and some courses.

Source: Legit.ng

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