Nollywood actors, actresses thrash Naira Marley over sexist comment

Nollywood actors, actresses thrash Naira Marley over sexist comment

By Ekaete Bassey

Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh has descended mercilessly on singer, Naira Marley over his highly distasteful and morally bankrupt comments on social media.

Naira Marley had taken to his Instagram story on Thursday to reveal some disturbing “fantasies.”

The singer reiterated his desires to bed mother and daughter.

He wrote: ““I’m still gonna have sex with mother and daughter together one day sha. The mum should be younger than 40 and the daughter should be 18 or over.”

The now-deleted post has continued to elicit mixed reactions with many including celebrities expressing disgust and calling out the “Soapy” crooner over the likely influence of such post on his followers and the society at large.

Addressing Naira Marley, Adam Ameh, revealed she could not sleep well because his comments and hurled insults at him adding that she used to like him but she has regretted ever doing so.

She also noted that after reading such a disgusting post from the singer, she had to immediately unfollow him.

The actress said: “Naira marley, na you I wan address this night, you no make me sleep well.

“You are just very stupid. See make I tell you something ehn, all of us naim dey smoke igbo oo but igbo no dey make person craze, e dey make person head correct. If your own dey make you do anyhow, yarn okpata, kpokpe. You know wetin dem dey call kpokpe? Shut the f*uck up! That statement, if na cruise you wan catch, you no get commom sense. I used to like you a lot, mehn! I regretted the day I hugged you in the plane and I said; “Hey! President of whatever because, I like you. Mehn! You’re a monkey!’ among other things said.

Another Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike, described the singer’s post as a “total disrespect to women.”

She said: “This is a terrible, horrible and disgusting statement coming from an African , a Muslim, and a human being… A total disregard and disrespect to women and more disappointing to think that this guy has a daughter’ among other things.

Chioma Ifemeludike further added the Marlian President is just useless and a very bad influence to our youths and society at large.

She urged other artists to use their stardom while it last to impact lives positively here on earth.

Also reacting, Ejine Okoroafor, another movie star who noted she has unfollowed the singer due to the post.

She wrote; “I just unfollowed this guy. What an expensive joke.”

Popular actor, Kunle Remi, said: “How do people think? i can never understand. How does one come up with thoughts like this? this is a serious mental health issue.”

Nollywood actress, Onyii Alex, also registered her utmost displeasure at Naira Marley’s comment.

She wrote: “No be everything them Dey take catch cruise Biko…In everythinh you do always respect mothers!!! Unless your mama Dey mould girls then f**king try your cruise with them…! Biko no give us shameful cruise. Shoutout to all my babes we deserve better. Pikin wet suck mama breast well, Dey get sense..”

popbhoy tweeted: “Naira didn’t tweet this for fun, this thing has been in his mind for a very long time even before he became famous.”

InvincibleSB1 said: “This is totally disgusting.”

Philtre_X wrote: “Naira Marley thrives on bad publicity.. In Entertainment any publicity is good. When will Nigerians learn to mind their biz n discuss the more important things affecting us all.”

ValentineOkeh tweeted: “Well, it is what it is. JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE MODERN WORLD. When someone consistently portrays acts of immoral abnormalities on a regular and is hailed for it so much that his fanbase grows wider and bigger without rebuke or backlash… THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!”

DammiieeTee stated: “And is this supposed to be an achievement? It’s just so sad how some people still support and hype someone like this. This broke my heart.”

comicdavstar said: “All he does is promote immortality.. exposing innocent kids to immoral vices.. Imagine what his song “Soapy” did to teenagers.. and now “cumming” #Demonic.”

successfulnonso wrote: “The sala fasting he did was a waste. This guy need serious deliverance.”

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