Outrage over Seyi Shay’s talk down on Nigerian idol contestant

Outrage over Seyi Shay’s talk down on Nigerian idol contestant

By Ekaete Bassey

Singer, songwriter and actress, Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, popularly known as Seyi Shay, has received backlash from Nigerians for her unsettling criticism of a 17year-old Nigerian Idol contestant.

The singer, who is one of the judges for the 6th edition of the Nigerian Idol audition, did not hold back in shattering the contestant after his performance.

She said his performance was so terrible he would never make money from singing with many Nigerians describing her criticism as arrogant.

They argued she crushed the contestant’s self-confidence and psyche.

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@aproko_doctor tweeted: “Seyi Shay should have tried the sandwich approach Praise first Criticize Praise them again. That’s how to give feedback E.g: nice voice, I think your performance could be better if trained, once again, nice voice. How you say a thing matters also.”

@Engr_Series tweeted: “Imagine Seyi Shay telling a 17 year old with good voice, who has passion for singing that “YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO MAKE MONEY BEING A SINGER”. Cos you’re God abi?”

@Kinglamarr_ tweeted: “If Seyi shay tell me say I no fit blow through music, I go tell am straight up make she sef do am if e easy.”

@Tife_fabunmi tweeted: “If na Nollywood movie, that boy Seyi Shay ridiculed will grow up to win Grammy and one day see Seyi where she’s selling roasted corn.”

@TayeOlusola tweeted: “Seyi Shay should not have said that the boy would never make it in music. She should have encouraged him to continue working on his vocal training and return for another audition.”

@holardamolar said: “Omo, na Nigerian idol I blame sha. Seyi shay way suppose dey part of the people way come for audition, na him them give judge.”

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