PASUMA’s Daughter, BARAKAT Opens Up To City People

PASUMA’s Daughter, BARAKAT Opens Up To City People

About Her Marriage This Week

Thursday, 8th of April, 2021, Alhaji Ajibola Pasuma will be literally shutting
down Lagos, as his 2nd daughter Oyindamola Barakat Odetola, will be saying
“I do” to her long time heart-throb, Olajuwon Babatunde Bello.

The wedding promises to be grand, as more than 10 music acts will be there to show massive love and support to Ajibola Pasuma, as he throws this wedding for his 2nd daughter. More than 5 Fuji stars will be there to honor him, while many Hip- Hop acts will also be in attendance.

The Fuji living legend and godfather of Alhaji Alabi Pasuma, the Maiyegun of Yorubaland, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as K1 will also be there to honor Pasuma. He is also the Official Musician of the day. Pasuma’s wish and dream is to have K1 on the bandstand.

news was made known at the 50th birthday party of Gambia-based Nigerian Lawyer,
Lord Azeez Oladapo Ishola Yusuf, in Ikeja, when Pasuma stormed the event and
went to pay homage to the legend. K1 sang about the event coming up on April

song was: “Pasuma, Baba Iyawo Tuntun, Ama Jo Peju Jo Se Ti O Ba Di April 8th”.
Pasuma quickly added, eyin ni Baba Iyawo Agba. And K1 confirmed his attendance
and performance at the event.

Many don’t know Pasuma admires and holds K1 in awe. In fact, he loves K1 to the bone. He always visits the music lord at his Ijebu-Ode mansion. Pasuma is also close to many of K1’s close friends and allies. When K1 adopted a son, Olamilekan Gaji at the burial for his Dad, Pasuma stormed Ijebu-Ode and stayed for 2-days. While many expressed surprise at how Pasuma often pays homage to K1 and hails him, Pasuma laughed because the bond he shares with K1 supersedes all what people see and read on Instagram. He has a special place in K1’s heart and this is the only reason K1 agreed to be a Guest Of Honour and also show him love.

Don’t forget that when K1’s 3 daughters got married years ago, Pasuma was the one who led all musicians to K1’s Ojusagbola’s mansion in Ijebu-Ode. People call Pasuma “Afenifere”. He is well-loved among socialites owing to his humility.

His daughter’s wedding parade many A-list celebrities from all over Nigeria. Many of his fans are now his family members. They have all made their intention known to honor him. Some major hotels within the locality where the wedding will take place have already been booked.

As you are reading this, all preparation is set for the day. A top Lagos event planner has been handsomely paid to see to the successful staging of the event. Did you ask how many daughters does Pasuma has? Well, he is one of the music acts blessed with many daughters. His first daughter is Wasilat, while the second is Barakat.

are: Amirah, Opeyemi, Sultan, Waris and Alliyah. You can’t be a Pasuma fan and
not know all his children as he always sings their praises.

of his children school abroad and all his daughters will be present to witness
the day. Last week, the beautiful Bride, Barakat spoke to City People
Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE about her life, her love for her dad and how she fell
in love with her husband-to-be. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Tell me about Barakat. Who is she? What does she do?

Oyindamola Barakat Odetola is a 27-year-old graduate of Politics and International Relations from Lead City University, and M.Sc in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos.

Tell me about you and your dad, Pasuma. What do you like about him?

My dad has a lot of qualities that I really respect and learn from. He is a very selfless and contented man who almost always places the need to better the lives of people over his own personal satisfaction. He respects the choices and decisions of his children and allows us privacy and independence. One thing that may be hard to believe about him is that he is not an outgoing person, if it is not about work, he will choose to stay at home to watch sports, movies and hang out with family and friends.

Tell me about your husband. How did you meet and fall in love with him? What do you like about him?

His name is Olajuwon Babatunde Bello. We met in 2014, just before I went for my NYSC service. We knew at that point what we wanted with each other and we had these plans for the future. We share a lot of common values and ideology; in life goals and perspectives, even in smaller things like appreciation for a certain type of music and art, and aesthetics, though there are also differences that we both respect. We’ve been very much involved in each other’s lives end decision-making processes since then, that level of transparency is one of the many reasons why we chose to be life partners.

What is the wedding plan? Colour code and reception?

The engagement ceremony will be in the morning, with mainly family end close friends, followed by the Nikkah. Then the Reception will follow at the same venue. The theme for the event hall is White and Gold.


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