Prezia Entertainment to boost creative industry in Nigeria — Osagie

Prezia Entertainment to boost creative industry in Nigeria — Osagie

Prezia Entertainment to boost creative industry in Nigeria — Osagie

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Prezia Entertainment, Omhanyihe Precious Osagie, has said that his company is set to boost the creative industry in Nigeria amid the present COVID-19 challenges.

He observed that the industry is one of the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, being the need to institute the Covid-19 protocols which placed a ban on social gatherings due to the need to observe social distancing and others.

Osagie, who described his recording company, Prezia Entertainment, as “an investment vehicle in the entertainment industry that has got loads of services, said his company will change the tide with “professional digital and analog studios, recording label, talent management, consulting company and A&R.

He said the company will also latch on the online opportunities to help practitioners with the circulation of their products, and also properly position them for better output in the already dwindling economy.

Osagie, a real estate developer also a serial investor, said, he built from the scratch, his companies including Prezia Real Estate, which he said has been positioned to be of cushion effects on others.

Speaking on his passion for showbiz, Osagie, the Prezia Entertainment boss, said, it is an age-long desire to venture into creative industry, and what he said interests him most is the ability to freely use the God-given skills and talents to impart on the world.

He said his company has made some giant strides in the entertainment industry, adding that, “Prezia Entertainment is the record label housing for Omhanyihe Philip Osas, with the stage name Philipo, who is a singer and song writer. He said “Jude Amiebelomon Amhanyihe, is also signed to our label.”

The manager of the Lagos-based Prezia Entertainment, Ajayi Mustapha Ayodele, speaking further on how the company will change the tide amid the coronavirus pandemic, said, “as an expert with 11 years experience In the music business, what one needs to understand is the fact that we are in a changing world, hence, the strategies for operating businesses too must change.

“With proper use of latest technologies which include software and hardwares, a company can excel faster than it has projected things, hence, we will be doing more of this coupled with the fact that we will discover talents and train them accordingly for proper output, while we also beg governments to make it easier to do business in the country by creating a good environment and easy-to-access funding facilities,” Ayodele said.

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