Reactions as Woman Steals Church Offering & Pretends to Pray Upon Being Caught in Video ▷ Nigeria news

Reactions as Woman Steals Church Offering & Pretends to Pray Upon Being Caught in Video ▷ Nigeria news

  • A video of a woman stealing from a church offering and hiding it in her bra has surfaced online
  • The woman, upon being caught, was seen switching to praying in tongues over the money
  • Some netizens seem to believe there is nothing wrong with what she did

A video of a lady stealing from the church has surfaced online and has been gathering many reactions.

The video sighted by on a YouTube channel called House of Content had the woman entering a room with a basket full of money which seemed to be the church offering.

The unidentified woman was seen sweeping through the pile of money on the floor, selecting notes.

Woman caught on camera stealing from church
Lady in the act of stealing
Photo credit: House of Content/YouTube
Source: UGC

She put it all in her bra

After choosing what she wanted, the money was folded and kept in her breast area.

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With her back facing the door, a man who seemed to be a priest entered and saw what the lady was doing.

He walked away right after when the woman did not realise he had seen him.

The priest returned back to the room and the woman upon seeing him started praying in tongues.

Some of the comments on the video has been highlighted below;

From Kwabena Abechie:

Of course she is right. Pastor lies to her that the offering is for god. At this point she is hungry and pastor is planning a luxury vacation.

Julie Asante commented:

The money isn’t for God, it’s for the development of the church and to pay church workers. She probably didn’t feel bad because maybe the church does not make good use of the money or she’s broke. Nothing spiritually will happen to her that’s just psychologically that religious leaders use to make one feel guilty, the only thing that will happen is she’ll be disgraced. Personally, I don’t care that she stole money.

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Boamah Michael replied:

she was stealing what was stolen from them whats wrong with that

From Fillywan Plays:

Ibi hunger ooo. Cos church bi business

Watch the full video below;

Man stole laptops

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man who appeared to be middle-aged was able to confidently enter and office and take all the laptops lying around although.

It is reported that he was at DCL Laboratory Products Ltd, a company located at Ogbojo roundabout.

He walked into the office, introduced himself to the cleaners as a staff, got access, and then fetched laptops and walked away majestically. A CCTV captured him performing the crime.

Source: Legit Nigeria

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