Revealed! Why TOYIN ABRAHAM’s Fans Are Crazy About Her

Revealed! Why TOYIN ABRAHAM’s Fans Are Crazy About Her

Multiple award winning actress, Toyin Abraham is one of the most celebrated actresses in the industry.

She is an hardworking actress who was determined to make it to the very top of her career and which she has achieved through hardwork, determination and dedication.

Many years ago, nobody would have believed that Toyin Abraham will be so great in the entertainment industry talk less of rating her among the top 5 movie actresses in the industry.

Despite facing a lot of difficulties at the beginning of her career, she never gave up on her dreams, but rather worked harder, especially through the help of her dependable team, and she made it.

She started her journey into the movie industry in 2003 with Yoruba movies. Her first feature movie was “Dugbe Dugbe Nbo” by Bukky Wright. Thereafter, she started featuring in other movies until she came into limelight.

Then she proceeded to producing her own movie with a strong determination to making huge strides in the industry.

According to the mother of one, starring in movie titled Okafor’s Law which was directed by star actress, Omoni Oboli was instrumental to her success in the industry.

Toyin is not just making waves in the Yoruba movie industry but rather she is creating bonds in the English and Yoruba movie industry. She has also excelled brilliantly as a producer, filmmaker, director and entrepreneur.

She has starred in a good number of movies in Nigeria and her prowess on the screen is nothing short of perfection.

In the cause of her amazing career, she has received awards home and abroad, and has been crowned Nigeria’s best actress on many occasions.

She remains one of the most popular actresses in Nigeria and has gained ground in the entertainment industry.

Even though she joined the movie industry in 2003, she made it known that she only started making money in Nollywood in 2013, and her chains of businesses are equally doing well with loads of endorsement deals from different reputable brands and companies in Nigeria such as Vas2net technologies which was her first endorsement deal in 2014.

She also got an endorsement deal with Globacom Nigeria alongside veteran stars like Sola Sobowale, Patience Ozorkwor and the latest deal with a leading Real Estate Company, RevolutionPlus.

She also runs Toyin Herbal, a sub-sidiary of Toyin Abraham Company. She is also the CEO of Cuvslimming Tea by Toyin and Body talk by Toyin.

She always attributes her success in life to constant self improvement, especially how she had to quit some habit and redefine her relationship and even researched on how to be a better actress.

Toyin is no doubt one of the most successful actresses in the industry, who also enjoys massive, love, support and encouragement from her die-hard fans home and abroad and they are called Toyintitans, who are always more than ready to take any bullet for her.

Often times, Toyin doesn’t need to respond to her critics or reply any colleague who is against her in the industry. Her die-hard fans are always available to fight her battle, they don’t hide the love they have for her or even compromise it for anything. It was also discovered that 60 percent  of Toyin Abraham’s fans consists of women all over the world, who have consistently followed her journey in the movie industry, watched and listened to how she handled and responded to lots of challenges she went through, and how she was able to make it to the very top through hardwork and dedication.

All these bring us to the 25 reasons why fans are crazy about Toyin Abraham.

First and foremost, Toyin has been able to build her brand to a great level that her presence or appearance in movies alone gives such movie a very high profit value. Even if she is just going to appear in a few scenes, many will want to watch the movie just because of her appearance in the movie.

Toyin Abraham without any form of exaggeration is one of the very best actresses in the industry. She is multi-talented, and interpretes every role as if it’s her last. She always puts in her best to every movie interpretation and makes it as real as possible and you as a viewer will get the value for your money. So buying a movie that features Toyin Abraham will not be a waste of money and time even if it’s just few scenes you enjoyed in the movie.

She is often given comic roles in movies, and this serves as comic relief to people who just want to watch movies that will make them laugh and put behind many challenges facing them at that particular time. And Toyin is very good at doing this.

She is one actress that is naturally funny. Even in real life, one can never be bored with her, and this attribute contributes immensely to her role interpretations in movies. It flows naturally.

Toyin Abrahim is among the few actresses that went through depression at a point in their career. Many fell in love with her, mainly because of the way she came out with her story, the many bad habit she went into and how she eventually came out of them.

A lot of fans fell in love with her unconditionally. She is also one actress that keeps fans abreast of things happening in her life. She always relates with them freely on social media, so they already see it as being part of her entire life and this explains why they often use words like “No Toyin Abraham slander will be accepted here” “Toyin can do no wrong in our eyes” in different blogs where and when Toyin’s name is being mentioned.

She is also one of the most creative and skillful actresses in the industry. A lot of fans love Toyin Abraham mainly because of her creativity most especially in her movies. She always goes extra mile to give her fans the very best without holding anything back.

Toyin Abraham maintains a very cordial relationship with a lot of her colleagues in the industry, and also influential women in the society. Her humility has paved ways for her in the industry. She loves whole heartedly and most of her younger colleagues always testify to her kind nature in the industry.

Besides her talents and success, Toyin always gives back to the society in whatever way she can. She was among the first set of celebrities who reached out to fans during the Covid-19 lockdown with food stuffs and money.

At a point, she empowered a good number of her followers. Most often if there is a case of someone in desperate need on social media, Toyin is always quick to reach out to such person, especially stories reported about people in different blogs. She always assists such people.

Losing her husband, Adeniyi Johnson to a fellow actress in the industry made many feel, in a way she was cheated and therefore took sides with her and always more than willing to throw their support for her.

Many are not interested in the circumstances surrounding the breakup rather, they are totally against a fellow actress settling down with another actress’s ex. To them, it is cheating and shouldn’t be accepted.

Many love Toyin Abraham also for the love and respect, she showers on her husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi in public, and how she sings his praises.

It is a known fact that Toyin has a more blossoming career compared to Kola, but she humbled herself and placed him above her, this made many fans love and respect her more.

Toyin Abraham is one actress that keeps mute about issues, no matter how you insult her or call her names. She only responds to very important issues, according to her. Most times, her fans do the fighting and answering for her.

This attitude of ignoring issues and keeping quiet has made her gain lots of love and respect from fans.

She is one actress that comes out plain with her flaws or even mocks herself before anyone else will do so and at the end of the day, you will realise that you don’t even have anything to use against her anymore, since she already came out open with it.

It is believed that Toyin has a good aura and once you are very close to her, her grace robs off on you.

It is a known fact that she is one actress that has enjoyed God’s grace tremendously althrough her career. Even the crazy love people have for her, she can’t explain it. And the love and grace is the reason she is excelling in her career.

Her ability to produce and act outstanding movies is another major reason a lot of people love her. She has been delivering back to back and is currently rated one of the best in the industry.

Lastly, her hardwork and consistency has drastically increased her fan base. The way she was able to get to the top despite all she has been through in life, makes people admire her a lot.

– Biodun Alao


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