Secret of my agelessness – Joke Jacobs

Secret of my agelessness – Joke Jacobs

Veteran Nigerian actress, Joke Jacobs is like a good wine that gets better and more beautiful with age. Her footsteps in the movie industry have the echoes of a colossus reverberating through times and yet she remains indelible and just as fresh as day.

At 61, she is still a sight time has left alone to flourish. In an interview with Potpourri the National Honour holder of the Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) revealed the secret of her ageless beauty.

“I think being busy always is responsible for the ageless look,” she revealed.

“When I am working I am happy, whether it is putting a show together or getting my school back on track— that is the Lufudo Academy of Performing Art— or being part of someone else’s production, I am always working.

“To constantly keep busy helps you to focus less on whatever it is that may not be right with your life. When you are working, you don’t have time to think about negative things.

“When you do more positive thinking, it helps reduce wrinkles (laughs). Although, as black people, we don’t wrinkle easily.”

Apart from keeping herself youthful and beautiful, Aunty Joke, as she is fondly called, has also kept her marriage together for 36 years, married to a fellow thespian, Olu Jacobs.

She said: “The reason you know that marriages are breaking up in the industry is that they are out there in the public domain. There are so many marriages breaking up among lawyers, doctors and all.

“The problem is that social media is now our reality and we are unaware of the effect on our industry. If someone is experiencing violence be it male or female, leave the marriage because when you die, society loses what you have to offer.

“Whether physical or emotional abuse please leave. Both parties should get counseling. If counseling works, they can get back together. But if not, they should separate.”

Joke Jacobs has recorded tremendous success both as an actress and a movie director. She is also a movie producer who has mentored many others in the industry.

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