Seun Kuti dares Wizkid fans to build primary school

Seun Kuti dares Wizkid fans to build primary school

By Ekaete Bassey

Afrobeats musician, Seun Kuti has slammed Wizkid FC after they cyberbullied him when Wizkid claims he listens to his album.

The Nation had reported Seun Kuti stepped on the toes of Wizkid FC as he continued to downplay Wizkidayo’s Grammy award because he did not win it for his music but for appearing in Beyonce’s music video.

However, Big Wiz appealed with the saxophonist in the comments section not to give ears to what his fans were saying.

The father of three added Seun should grab his sax and make good music as they are still enjoying his last album ‘Black Times’ released in 2018.

In a recent development, the teeming Wizkid FC interpreted Wizkidayo’s comment as sarcasm and have showed no signs of slowing down on hitting Bigbird Kuti.

They concluded the “Holla At Your Boy” singer was indirectly shading current leader of ‘Egypt 80’ band.

Seun responded to their claims in a recent video.

He explained that Wizkidayo was not being sarcastic with his comment as he genuinely listens to his album.

The singer also referred to Wizkid FC as “Buhari’s children” and dared them to build a school in Shitta, Lagos, Nigeria in honour of their star.

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Bigbird Kuti said: “I dare you, open a primary school in Shitta in the name of Wizkid then I’ll begin to think you people are something but for now, you are nothing but Buhari’s children. So that’s the truth.”

Seun noted the Wizkid FC are well over N10 million yet have nothing on the ground to show for their large number, not even a football.

He bragged about having a football academy in his name which helps young Nigerian talents fulfill their dreams.

“I only have 225k followers but we have FC, our own no be fans oh but we have FC, Black House FC. We spend over 4.6m a year on young boys who now play football all over the world.”

Seun Kuti further stated this would be the last discussion he’d be having with the Wizkid FC until they have built the school he dared them to.

He finally told them off.“ That being said, this is my last discussion with you people until you build that primary in Shitta. I will delete your post this night, all your energy.

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