Simi, Erica, Samklef in twitter war

Simi, Erica, Samklef in twitter war

By Alao Abiodun

Music producer Samklef has received torrential backlash after clashing with singer Simi and Big Brother Naija star Erica on Twitter.

Over the weekend, Wizkid shared a snippet of himself and Tems on set for the visual for the song ‘Essence’ which set many tongues wagging.

Sharing Tems’ photo, Samklef also tweeted that he would love to see Tems’ behind.

“Everbody can’t wait to see Tems yansh. Me self dey wait. Who dey wait with me?” Samklef tweeted.

His post did not sit well with some people, one of whom was Simi who wasted no time in calling him out for sexualising singer Tems.

Samklef, in a series of now-deleted tweets, slammed Simi as he wrote: “Eye service better face front. U 2 know abi? U wan show yourself.

“Why didn’t u dm to take it down? But na u only pass abi? Simi. Toxic. @Symplysimi u ingrate. Cause u think say u don blow. I go delete that tweet. But u f up.”

In another post, Samklef tried to justify why people shouldn’t get worked up about his post, citing BBNaija Erica as an example.

According to him, Erica had sex on national TV and everyone talked about it, somewhat insinuating that his post about Tems’ body shouldn’t be any different.

His post appeared to have angered Erica who wasted no time in lambasting him.

Erica wrote: “Excuse me, I don’t know you so please keep my name out of your sewage mouth. You just had to insert me in your drama today! I will not be associated with you. F*ck off.

“When you start trending again today, thank Tems, Simi and me, your mummy, woman hater,” She added

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