Sotayo Gaga: Why people think I’m rude, proud

Sotayo Gaga: Why people think I’m rude, proud

By Olaitan Ganiu

NOLLYWOOD actress, Sotayo Sobola has explained the reason many people get the notion that she is rude and proud.

Sotayo explained further that she understands that many people mistake her self-confidence for rudeness.

The 35-year-old Queen Mother of the Uke Kingdom in Nasarawa State further said people are also quick in misjudging her personality because of her looks.

“The truth is I respect myself a whole lot. Yes, I know my face might not look friendly that is why some people say that I’m rude and proud. But, I like to stay on my line and I respect myself. I don’t like to cross my boundaries. So, when you move too fast than your shadow then you have a problem automatically.”

On her moniker, Sotayo Gaga, the CEO of Clean Stitches said the moniker stuck with her like a leech since her days in the university. “Far back, when I was in the University, we made customised shirts, shoes, belt… and I had to get a brand name. So, someone said you’re a very crazy person. We know you to be the kind of person that wears red hair, blue hair, green hair and you are crazy, why don’t you just go for Sotayo Gaga that was how the name stuck.”

Sotayo recently revealed her marital status as well as her husband.

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