Soyinka Gives Reason He Won’t Comment on Tinubu’s Administration until Next Year

Dec 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

  • Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka visited President Bola Tinubu on Sunday, December 24, in Lagos
  • Soyinka said he would wait until next year to comment on Tinubu’s administration, as he always gives new leaders time to improve things
  • Wole Soyinka, who said he had advised Tinubu and Atiku not to run for office, disclosed that he deliberated a seven-point agenda with the president

Renowned academic Prof Wole Soyinka revealed his intent to withhold assessments until one year into President Bola Tinubu’s tenure, which will be in May 2024.

This strategy, he clarified, allows the president sufficient time to address deficiencies that might exist.

President Tinubu receives Wole Soyinka as guest on Christmas day
Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka says he would be holding off comments on President Tinubu’s government till next year
Photo Credit: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

During a courtesy visit to the president, currently in Lagos for a holiday, Soyinka said:

“Most heads of state, when they take office, I always leave them alone for about the first year…because they need time.”

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He elaborated on this principle, recognising that incoming leaders do not often commence their roles from a neutral standpoint but rather face challenging circumstances, reported The PUNCH.

Soyinka justified his stance, stating:

“They often start even lower than ground zero, and they have to make up.”

The academician promised to adhere to the same principle this time, reserving his evaluations until a year into Tinubu’s tenure, The Cable added.

“When you see me next year, ask the same question again and listen to my answer,” he concluded.

What Soyinka and Tinubu discussed

Soyinka’s visit, termed “an embarrassing visit,” was coupled with a seven-point agenda that he deliberated with the president. However, he chose not to disclose the specifics of these points.

Reflecting on their encounter, Soyinka recalled a previous interaction where he attempted to dissuade both President Tinubu and Atiku from contesting for office, urging them to vacate the space for younger candidates.

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“I told Atiku and himself to please leave the ground so young people could run. That’s the last time we met about five years ago,” he revealed.

Tinubu receives Abia Governor Otti, Soyinka in Lagos

Meanwhile, earlier reported that President Tinubu received the Abia State governor and famed academic Wole Soyinka on Christmas Day in his residence in Lagos.

The president, currently on Christmas vacation in his home state, received the guests of the two notable figures in the country and held important discussions with them.

This was made public by Tinubu’s aide, Dada Olusegun, @Dolusegun16, via a post, followed by pictures, shared on his X page (formerly Twitter) on Christmas eve.


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