Tribal mark model, Adetutu rants about daughter’s religious assignments

Tribal mark model, Adetutu rants about daughter’s religious assignments

By Ekaete Bassey

Face model, Adetutu O.J Alabi has gone on a lengthy rant on social media after her daughter was given a Christian assignment in school, despite stating she’s neither a Christian nor Muslim.

The single mother of one complained about how schools try to force religion on students, even after they make their stance known.

According to the tribal mark face model, her daughter, who doesn’t have a bible since she’s not a Christian, has to borrow from her cousins every time she’s given an assignment linked to Christianity.

Expressing her exasperation, Adetutu noted it’s sad she can’t do anything about it because she’s in a country that enforces Christianity or Islam on people.

She wrote: “Despite the fact that she stated in her school that she’s not a Christian nor a Muslim, they are always giving her Christian assignments by force. She doesn’t have a Bible, she has to borrow from my cousins.

“I’m here fuming and can’t do anything because I’m in a country that will either make you be a Christian or Muslim by force.

“All I can tell her is sorry baby girl, I’m sorry.”

Adetutu Alabi is using social media to create awareness and change the narrative of people with tribal marking in Africa.

Adetutu, who was recently followed on social media by Rihanna, started a campaign called #tribalmarkschallenge.

She continues to advocate for a stop to body modification without consent in Africa.

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