Visit Visa to Canada: Lady Lists Questons Nigerians Will Face From Immigration, Warns People

Sep 13, 2023 | Entertainment, News

  • A Nigerian lady in Canada educated people on how to avoid answering tricky questions when on a visit visa
  • The lady said that officials are on the lookout for people who may want to work in the country as a visitor
  • Nigerians who watched her video asked her many immigration-relation questions about relocating abroad

A Nigerian lady who is in Canada has narrated her experience with a person who faced thorough questions from immigration officers.

She (@oghenetejiriemuvey) warned people planning to get jobs in Canada with a visit visa to be careful not to be deported.

Visit visa to Canada/Answering immigration questions.
The lady told people to be careful on how they answer questions.
Photo source: @oghenetejiriemuvey
Source: TikTok

According to her, the lady she met at the airport spoke about how Canadian immigration officers tried every way to know if she was coming to get a job with a visit visa.

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Likely questions for visit visa

The questions are:

1. Why are you in Canada?

2. Why didn’t you come with your kids?

3. If you get a job in, are you going to take the job?

4. Are you sure? How much do you earn in your country?

5. If given a job right now, are you sure you would not collect it?

The interviewee said that she was only in Canada to visit her brother and she was not interested in the job opportunities in the country.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

trustman said:

“The time I arrived at Montreal airport, I was been asked only 3 questions , though I was comng frm Dubai, so the offcer handed over the passport to me.”

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emmajoe2022 wondered:

“But please can one really get a job in Canada with a visiting visa? please reply me.”

Waterman90 said:

“Pls I need more light on this.. I book a 5 months ticket on a visit visa can I tell the office I only want to stay for 2 months.”

Hollamyte214 aid:

“You reach Canada on Sunday,you turn motivational speaker on Tuesday Wahala no dey finish.”

@pearlstemmykemo said:

“But what if the person comes in as work permit visa, what questions will they ask.”

Man on student visa worked in Canada

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man who relocated to Canada on a student visa showed his busy daily routine.

After waking up early at 5 am to prepare for work, the man did not close until afternoon when he had to prepare for school.


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