Wathoni confirms Dorathy, Bright O engaged in oral sex

Wathoni confirms Dorathy, Bright O engaged in oral sex

By Gbenga Bada

BBNaija Lockdown ex-Housemate Wathoni has confessed to knowing about Dorathy and Bright O’s shenanigans while in the house.

In episode four of the ongoing BBnaija Lockdown reunion show, Wathoni told Ebuka, the show host, that Dorathy and Bright O engaged in oral sex while in the House.

“After Bright O kissed me on the neck, I felt good and felt this guy was my go-to guy and I told Tricky Tee that even if he doesn’t feel about me the same way I feel about him, it’s fine because I am in the house to be happy,” she began.

“So, that night, Bright O had told Dorathy to sleep on his bed and he also told me to sleep on his bed but we concluded to allow Dorathy to sleep on the bed and what is annoying me about the whole thing that night is that something happened,” Wathoni stressed.

Ebuka inquired what happened and the 29-year-old mother of one said: “I know somebody gave somebody a blowjob. The next morning, I had to change the sheets and I noticed stains of his sperm on the sheets,” Wathoni blurted in what seemed like an open confession.

She added: “All I know is that something happened that night and I had evidence because I had to change the sheets the following morning.”

When queried by Ebuka, Dorathy acknowledged engaging in an oral sex act with Bright O but noted that he was a bastard.

“Well, what she said happened and I told Prince the next morning but what pissed me off was that this dude didn’t even check up on me or acted as anything happened and I felt it was just infatuation and a thing of the moment,” she said.
The BBNaija Lockdown reunion kicked off on Thursday, June 17, 2021, and the ex-housemates, who have featured so far have been revealing incidents that occurred in the House without the knowledge of many of the viewers and their fans.

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