What I tell my female admirers when they make advances to me

What I tell my female admirers when they make advances to me

…Says: ‘My family is my strength’

Multiple award- winning actor, Odunlade Adekola is our guest this week. In this interview with DESMOND EKWUEME, he speaks on how Nollywood could improve to compete favourably with Hollywood and Bollywood. He also talked about his career and how his family has been his source of strength among other salient issues.

Enjoy excerpts:

You are multi-talented. How do you cope with these talents?

When God gives you talents, He equally gives you the will, wisdom and knowledge to manage them.

How do you combine your job as an actor who could play some negative roles with your religion or faith?

My job is different from my faith which you chose to call religion. As a professional, I am supposed to play or act any and all roles assigned to me. This has nothing to do with my faith as a Christian. But I need to correct one impression here, being religious is different from being spiritual.

You may be religious yet very carnal….but once you are spiritual, you see things from divine point of view.

You have featured in countless movies, which of them is most outstanding?

Life evolves and no progressive dwells in the past or wants to remain static. Each work I do takes me to a bigger challenge. It is very difficult for me to pick any of my works as outstanding because I try to go a step further in every job as they come….more so, the roles differ with each movie.

I have tried as much as possible to maintain a standard professionally. I don’t go below that standard, instead, I go higher. So with such mindset on your job, everything comes out with a different higher or better result. So it is difficult to pick.

Many of the actors on set with you refer to you as “Boss”. How much of a boss are you to them?

This question should have gone to them…and not me. However, being a boss and a good one for that matter goes beyond the job. You must be friendly with your colleagues. The boss and subordinate relationship works better while you’re on location or set shooting a movie. There must be seriousness which boils down to professionalism.

Outside that arena, you see yourselves as one big family. You should care and concern. You must know what’s happening to your colleagues outside the job. You must know how they are faring. You should be part of their pains and gains so to say. When you keep such relationship, it won’t be out of place for colleagues to address you as Boss.

Have you groomed actors and actresses?

The hallmark of a good leader is to groom other leaders. By the grace of God, some people have benefitted from my tutelage in the industry even as young as I am. But I won’t mention names because I am still growing and yet to reach the point I want.

Many of your fans describe you as ladies man. How do you react to this?

It depends on what they mean. Yeah if, you say ladies like my work or roles in movie, I will understand and appreciate.

By ladies man, they seem to be talking about your look. Or haven’t you been told by your female fans that you are handsome?

Oh, sure…and I show appreciation by saying, Thank you to them. Of course, I equally thank my creator for making so.

Has a lady ever made advances to you?

It is normal for such to happen in the western world. But in our clime, we often see such as an abomination or a taboo. When a female fan of mine makes advances at me, I simply thank her, then, remind her that I am a happy family man….and then make her to understand that she could get my betters as there is a good man for every good woman.

How do you combine family life with your job as an actor?

I am always grateful to God for the kind of family especially wife that He gave to me. When you truly have your better half as a wife or husband, every other thing falls in place. Once the home front is at peace, you will surely have a sweet and smooth sailing career. Beside, every successful man there is always a virtuous woman and vice versa. Truth is my family is my strength.

What is the secret of your scandal free career?

Fear of God and self-discipline. Temptations will come naturally but with the fear of God which goes with prayers, you will conquer.

How will you describe Nollywood?

It is an industry with great potential. It is growing in leaps and bounds…yet it has potential to grow more. All we ask for is for an enabling environment from government to help us thrive.

It would be nice if the entertainment industry gets greater attention and consideration in government finances because this is a money spinning industry. What you invest is what you get. That is why Hollywood and Bollywood remain on top. They have made the movie industry in America and India part of their income generators. Government must equally tackle piracy. By this move the copyright laws should be effectively put to use.

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