Why celebs associate with my brand — Akinbode Opeyemi

Why celebs associate with my brand — Akinbode Opeyemi

By Ayo Onikoyi

Hair, style and beauty may mean different things to different people, but for hair and beauty expert, Akinbode Aminat Opeyemi, founder of Rhiks Place Beauty, they are ‘three best friends’ that every woman should pay attention to.

Having been in the beauty business for years, Akinbode has undoubtedly understood the dazzling roles that fascinating hairstyles play in bringing out the beauty in any woman. And this aura of finesse laced with penchant for quality has endeared many illustrious women and celebrities in the country and beyond to her fast-rising brand.

But like every other monumental business empires today, the rise of Akinbode’s beauty brand didn’t come without teeming challenges. ‘My brand didn’t just grow to this level overnight. I had my low and rough times on the business but passion kept me going and I am happy that we have moved away from that phase to a more comfortable situation. With passion and dedication to one’s work, the challenges often become easy and one soon gets over the problems. Many times, I felt like quitting, but passion and encouragement from people got me going,’ she explained.

But despite having the likes of Anita Joseph and Bobrisky among her A-list of brand ambassadors and clients, Akinbode seems to have understood that everyone doesn’t have the same financial strength as her beauty hub offers products and services for every class of women in the society. ‘Though it could cost so much to look good if you want quality, sometimes how you carry yourself matters a lot.

That is why I sell all ranges of hairs as I understand that everyone may not have the financial strength to get it. For me, beauty, style and hair are three friends that every woman should pay attention to.’

Speaking further on how she has been able to attract top entertainers in the country and also keep their patronage, she said: ‘I am happy that the celebrities are part of the growth of my company. I’m doing fine and my brand is growing. Having celebrities endorse your brand does not come cheap or easy; it took me months to settle down with the celebrity that fits the bill for me. Their endorsements have been a plus to my brand as they foster enthralling growths.’

On how she has been combining her beauty regimen with her busy schedule, she said: ‘I have to focus on my business because I have a good brand manager who happens to be my husband. He keeps tabs on everything going on in my brand while I focus on other important aspects of the job. I pay attention to how I appear a lot because people are convinced by what they see, not what they hear.”

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