Why I’m different from other female singers ― Ruky Olotu

Why I’m different from other female singers ― Ruky Olotu

By Ayo Onikoyi

Fast-rising singer, Oghenerukewe Olotu aka Ruky Olotu came into the limelight in 2014 when she emerged as the first runner-up in Project Fame reality TV show.

In 2018, she dropped an EP titled, Brave Love. She later took a break from music only to return this year with a brand new single, Voodoo Love. In this interview, Olotu opens up on her interregnum and how she intends to penetrate the highly competitive music industry.

You took a break from music and now you’re back. Why did you leave the scene then?

There was so much going in my life, so I wanted to define what I really wanted to do and to be sure as well. When I took a break, I was also trying to get a job on the side. While waiting for that, I had to come back to what I really love to do, which is music.

Tell us about your latest single, Voodoo Love.

My latest single, Voodoo Love was released about two months ago. It’s currently playing on several radio stations and has some thousands of streams on Spotify as well. People now go to the YouTube page to see the video. Interestingly enough, people that have listened to the song so far said they liked it. I am more encouraged to do more.

How would you define your kind of music?

I will define my music as Neo-Soul Afro-Pop. It is more of an eccentric type of sound that is still in touch with my grassroots, which is Africa, and which is also Nigeria.

How do you intend to penetrate and make waves in the saturated music industry?

I have to find a way that defines me that is different from the likes of Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade etc. I definitely don’t want to sound like them. I want my own to be a new type of sound. That is why I took some time to experiment with different sounds. I try not to sound like different artistes even if I took inspiration from them.

Who are your mentors in the industry?

I like a couple of artists; I like them because they inspire my sound to grow. Way back, my mentors used to be Brandy, Whitney Houston, Beyonce etc. But now, I am getting in tune with the new sounds of Jhene Aiko, Ceaser, and Tems.

What are your challenges?

The challenge could be getting people to like your music; it is not so easy in that aspect, and then finance. Those are the two major challenges apart from the socio-economic or security situation in the country.

Where do we hope to see Ruky in the next five years?

I pray to see my songs being played around the world. I see myself being invited to perform in various countries. I see my music going very far and people streaming it.

Is there anything else you want the world to know about Ruky?

There is so much I would like to do aside from music. I love to dance and I love to act. I am looking forward to showing the world that side of me.

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