Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy are most loved in Lebanon

Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy are most loved in Lebanon

Beirut born Disc Jockey, Hassan Zahreddine, better known as DJ Acejammal has confessed his love for Afrobeats, the Hip-Hop music genre popularized by Nigerian star musicians.

Although a Lebanese by birth, DJ Acejammal who grew up Abidjan, Ivory Coast with his parents before moving to Beirut at the age of 9 years old has declared himself as the face of Afrobeats in the Middle East.

Asked who are the biggest African artistes in Lebanon, he pointed:
“In Beirut, the most loved African artists are Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido, Vegedream, Booba, Dadju, Maitre Gims and Aya Nakamura. I love Burna Boy a lot and I’m currently making efforts to get a collaboration with Burna Boy or Wizkid. I love the Rhythm they sing with, so fans should expect a big project between Africa and the Middle East.”

He continued:
“After launching my “Night Under Starboy” brand which represents Wizkid in Dubai, I believe I need to do more about representing the Afrobeats in the Middle East because that’s my passion and that’s what I stand for.”


In retrospect, Acejammal reckons:
“The most memorable point in my career as a DJ was when White Beirut (one of the top nightclubs) reached out to me and asked for my CV. I handed in my set and waited. Soon enough they gave me a call back and asked me to come in for a tryout! I was super happy because I knew this opportunity would give me great exposure and open many doors down the line in my career. I was hired in the summer of 2013 and I’ve since been with them.

Speaking on future plans, he enthused:
“I personally believe that taking risks and not giving up will help you succeed in life. You always have to be creative and come up with new ideas and pursue your goals. I always say “never take no for an answer. There is always a way to succeed because this is something I really follow in my everyday life. I want to keep on DJing for the next couple of years and then maybe move on to starting up my own business in Lebanon hopefully.”

Acejammal has hosted big artists around the world such as Major Lazer, Soulja Boy, Tpain, Akon and Tinie Tempah amongst others.

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