“Wizkid, There’s a Huge Friendly Snake Around You, and It Will Bite You”: Ghanaian Pastor Alleges

Jan 15, 2024 | Uncategorized

  • A Ghanaian pastor spurred reactions on the Nigerian internet after he made a disturbing prophecy about the popular Afrobeats singer Wizkid
  • He asserted that Wizkid was in danger due to an evil companion within his circle who would eventually betray him
  • The man of God likened the looming danger to a “huge friendly snake,” symbolising the potential of the threat

Ghanaian Pastor caught the attention of Nigerians lately after a shocking prophecy he made about the country’s Afrobeats star Ayo Balogun, aka Wizkid.

The man of God alleged that Wizkid was in danger due to an unfriendly friend in his circle who would soon betray him.

Ghanaian pastor Prophecies to Wizkid
Ghanaian pastor Prophecies to Wizkid
Credit: @wizkid, @sabiradio
Source: Instagram

He used the metaphorical image of a “huge friendly snake” to symbolise the potential threat, which may not be immediately obvious to the singer.

The preacher emphasised that the Made in Lagos crooner should be careful and noted the massive consequences if Wizkid was eventually harmed by the person.

“Wizkid, there’s a huge friendly snake around you, and it will bite you someday if you are not careful. It’s going to be the biggest news in the Nigerian music industry.”

See the video here

Nigerians react to the prophecy about Wizkid

Legit.ng compiled the fractions below:


Those years wey him dey lowkey, you see any woli see vision ontop him head?


“All these people carry this thing enter 2024?”


“I no know but I just wan wipe this man better cord for neck.”


“Make I just ask this pastor when next album go drop if e no know I go wipe am cord.”


“Na Ogun go kee them and their prophecy. Since wey e dey lowkey, you no see prophecy, now e don the outside you don the chase clout.”


“My problem is why didn’t he wait so we can atleast enter 2024 properly before dropping his lamba.”

Prophet foresees scary vision on Rema’s life

Nigerian fast-rising musician Rema trended online after a video of an unidentified prophet speaking about him emerged.

The man of God alleged that a number of disturbing occurrences, including poisoning, shootings, and spiritual attacks, would befall the Afrobeats prince and urged everyone to pray for him.

The guy, whose identity was not disclosed, was seen talking about the musician and made reference to one of his viral songs.

Source: Legit.ng

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