“You Spent N21 Billion for VP’s House”: Tinubu Told Amount To Pay As New Minimum Wage

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  • Labour Party has expressed concern over the demand of organised labour for a new minimum wage under
  • A chieftain of the party, Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo, has called on President Bola Tinubu to meet the demands of the NLC and the TUC, considering the harsh economic reality
  • At the moment, the federal government led by Tinubu has offered to pay Nigerian workers N62,000; the NLC rejected the offer and demanded N250,000 as minimum wage

Legit.ng journalist Esther Odili has over two years of experience covering political parties and movements.

Lagos state – Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo, a chieftain of the Labour Party (LP), has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to find a solution to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)’s new minimum wage demand.

LP criticises government spending amid negotiation with labour on new minimum wage
Kenneth Okonkwo, organised labour and President Bola Tinubu.
Photo credit: Kemmeth Okonkwo, Dada Olusegun
Source: Facebook

LP chieftain tells Tinubu to consider NLC’s 250,000 demand

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Recall that President Bola Tinubu is yet to announce a new minimum wage. But the tripartite committee, comprising the federal government’s team, offered to pay Nigerian workers N62,000. However, organised labour (the NLC and the Trade Union Congress, TUC) rejected the offer and proposed N250,000.

Okonkwo, in an interview with Vanguard newspaper, described the Tinubu administration as difficult to understand. He lamented the persistent squandering that has characterised his one year in office.

Speaking after receiving an award at the 2024 5th edition of the African Illustrious Son Award in Lagos, Okonkwo wondered why the government would say NLC’s demands were unaffordable, Vanguard reported.

According to him, the NLC N250,000 demand was reasonable and objective.

He stated thus:

“The NLC did not bring about the policy causing this hardship in Nigeria. Nigeria has money, materials, and men, but we have incompetent and corrupt leaders. NLC and its workers should not be made to pay the price. How can one become an elected government official and instantly become a billionaire, while NLC members have been working for years?

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“Now they want to start vandalizing the pension fund. These people have borrowed and squandered all the money, and now they want to vandalize the pension fund to buy private jets. No, the NLC demand is very reasonable and objective. If the government claims it is unaffordable, they should provide something reasonable enough for them.

“The federal government needs to change its policies. Let the security and welfare of the people be their central focus in planning, not selfishness and greed to satisfy their gluttonous appetite. This government must elevate the love of the country far above their love of capacity.

“The federal government is chasing rats while people’s houses are burning. It is very sad that while someone’s house is burning, you are chasing a rat. You are talking about a presidential jet when you removed the subsidy. Was this what you promised Nigerians? To buy a presidential jet? You have borrowed N17 billion in a year to buy a presidential jet.

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“You have used N6 billion to build a car park for the national assembly members, N21 billion to build a house for a VP who already has a house. Former VP Osinbajo said he did not need that house because the VP house was good enough, yet you spent N21 billion within a year. You spend $20 billion on the house of your chief of staff, give billions to your wife, and then tell people you can’t pay them ₦62,000 or will pay them ₦62,000 as minimum wage when you use more than ₦50,000 to fuel your car. This government is incomprehensible. ₦2,000 for a dollar, right in your regime, after removing the subsidy.

Kebbi governor speaks on N62,000 minimum wage demand

Legit.ng reported previously that Governor Nasir Idris of Kebbi state detached himself from the 36 state governors who disclosed that they could not afford N62,000 minimum wage even if the federal government and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) agreed on the figure.

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Idris, in an interview with the BBC, said that he was not aware of the meeting where governors made their stand known on the disputed N62,000 minimum wage. Governor Idris said:

”I was not part of the meeting if it was even held and I will not part of those who will not pay the agreed minimum wage, like I did say at different public fora that I will pay the agreed amount I stand by that.”

Source: Legit.ng

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