Your life is an artwork, paint it to your taste, says Nengi

Your life is an artwork, paint it to your taste, says Nengi

By Gbenga Bada


BBNaija 2020 finalist, Nengi recently took to her Twitter page, to share her inspiring story of courage, selflessness, and determination.

“Remember your life is an artwork, so paint it to your taste. Choose the best strokes because, at the end, you and you alone would be judged for it. so, #DoYou,” the Bayelsa indigene said.

She shared this, following the launch of the new MTN Pulse #DoYou television commercial.

Recounting how she followed her passion, she said she has learned not to worry about public perception because the key to success lies within each individual. “Authenticity is often what makes a person different and it should not be overlooked. Living an authentic life is an essential step to being happy and fulfilled. Being authentic means being in sync with who you are. It means sticking up for yourself when the going gets tough,” she says.

According to Nengi, a lot of people thought they knew how her life would play out, but she chose to follow the positive path to success and has charted a course for herself, staying true to her beliefs.

Admonishing young people to drown the noise and choose positivity, she reiterated that staying true to oneself is all the uniqueness a person needs. The former beauty queen encouraged young people to embrace authenticity, live their passion and push for their dreams.

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