Digital African Summit

  • 10 October 2023 - 12 October 2023
  • Alger

Digital African Summit

Digital African Summit est le plus grand événement africain de la tech. Rendez-vous incontournable de
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Africa’s digital future is shaping up, and you are invited to be a part of it. 🌍 The Digital African Summit, the year’s most anticipated technology event, returns for three days of enlightening discussions, intensive networking, and innovative discoveries. 💡 This year, the focus is on Africa’s potential as a cradle of digital innovation. The continent is rapidly changing, and we invite you to be at the heart of the revolution. Come meet brilliant minds, exchange ideas with industry leaders, and discover the latest technology trends that are transforming our world. Whether you’re a business, a startup looking for visibility, an investor looking for the next big idea, or simply a tech enthusiast, the Digital African Summit has something for you. 🚀 Book your place now and be ready to dive into an ocean of opportunities. Digital Africa awaits you. The future awaits you.

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Qu’est-ce que vous souhaitez apprendre lors du Digital African Summit 2023 ?
1- Je veux en savoir plus sur les dernières tendances du numérique en Afrique.
2- Je veux rencontrer des chefs d’entreprise et des investisseurs qui peuvent m’aider à développer mon entreprise.
3- Je veux apprendre à utiliser les nouvelles technologies pour améliorer mes activités.
4- Je veux partager mes connaissances et mon expertise avec d’autres participants.
5- Je veux simplement profiter de l’ambiance et des rencontres !
“Pour répondre, commentez simplement le numéro de l’option de réponse que vous préférez”
What would you like to learn at the Digital African Summit 2023?
1- I want to know more about the latest digital trends in Africa.
2- I want to meet business leaders and investors who can help me grow my business.
3- I want to learn how to use new technologies to improve my business.
4- I want to share my knowledge and expertise with other participants.
5- I just want to enjoy the atmosphere and meetings!
“To answer, simply comment the number of the answer option you prefer”

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