Eduverse Summit Series 2024 – Lagos, Nigeria

  • 15 February 2024
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Eduverse Summit Series 2024 – Lagos, Nigeria

Eduverse Summit Series 2024 – Lagos, Nigeria

Connecting Minds, Shaping Futures

Eduverse Summit 2024 is a global conference for higher education leaders and stakeholders to converge and redefine the landscape of international education. Conceived as an avant-garde conference, this is a series of multi-country congregations to raise regional and global issues in higher education.

The Eduverse Summit will host higher education leaders, policymakers, innovators, thinkers, EdTech organizations, and educators to discuss the most pressing domain issues, identify opportunities, and present a unified industry dialogue.

The Eduverse Summit 2024 global series will kickstart from Lagos (Nigeria) in February 2024 and move to Brazil in March 2024. This effervescent event will reach Vancouver (Canada) in June 2024, followed by a 3-day congregation in New Delhi (India) in August 2024.

Why register

1. Meet, greet, and connect with regional and global leaders in higher education
2. Keep abreast of the most recent breakthroughs, trends, and ideas in higher education
3. Connect with colleagues and potential partners from various fields of expertise, from higher education
4. Participate in stimulating discussions, debates and keynote sessions
5. Take part in lively exhibitions and showcase your brand
6. Use a variety of tools, resources, and technologies to improve your research, teaching, and recruitment/counseling practice

Event High Lights

1. Presence of distinguished education stakeholders
2. A special emphasis on the African educational system
3. Keynote speeches by prominent leaders
4. Panel discussions on contemporary trends
5. Ample networking opportunities
6. Interactive workshops

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