The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme – April to June 2024

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The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme – April to June 2024

The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme – April to June 2024

The Complaints Coach Programme is a fresh approach to responding and resolving concerns and complaints and is suitable for everyone.

The Complaints Coach Programme is a new approach to on-line learning delivered by Dr Dorothy Armstrong. If you find yourself on the receiving end of criticism, conflict or complaints this course will support you to respond effectively whilst treating yourself with care and compassion.

The programme incorporates all you need to know about complaints and will give you the skills and confidence to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity, to use effective and positive language, to respond verbally and in writing with empathy and compassion and to ensure you and your team are supported while on the receiving end of criticism, concerns and complaints.

We will explore the following topics :-

  • Values & Triggers
  • Conflict & Bias
  • Amygdala Hijack
  • Emotions & Empathy
  • Apology & Forgiveness
  • Language & Communication
  • Challenging Behaviours
  • Investigation and Failure
  • Managing Meetings
  • On the Receiving End

    The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme

    About Me

    Following many years in the NHS as a senior nurse and educator I founded my company, DA Professional, in 2012.

    Working with Scotland’s Ombudsman gave me a unique perspective about the emotional elements often associated with concerns and conflict.

    And from there I have developed a whole suite of resources to support us communicating at our best, managing conflict and caring for ourselves in the rich rollercoaster of life.

    I am a registered nurse, facilitator and coach and I use a number of approaches including Appreciative Inquiry, Conversational IQ and Mindful Self Compassion.

    You are very welcome to visit my website here

The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme D


The programme is delivered using Zoom. We use a highly interactive and participative approach including Canva Slides, Video, Menti-meter, Whiteboard, E-Flipcharts as well as small group discussion in break-out.

Places will be limited to enable us to create a safe and confidential space for everyone.

Over 10 weeks we will explore a variety of topics to support you to proactively listen, learn and act on concerns and complaints.

Each week we meet live on Zoom from 2.00pm – 3.30pm.

In addition, the learning platform Podia will be used to store all the learning resources which you can access indefinitely. This repository contains all the slides, videos, blogs, links and handouts used throughout the Complaints Coach programme.

The Complaints Coach Intensive Programme DS


“Thank you for delivering a meaningful and interactive course – best course I have taken in a long time.”

“This programme isn’t just about complaints, there is so much learning that can be applied everyday, both personally and professionally.”

“This 10 week course was amazing – thank you Dorothy.”

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