YPIT (Young People In Tech) – Series D

  • 2 December 2023
  • Wave Beach Lagos, Oba Elegushi Beach Road, Lagos, Nigeria

YPIT (Young People In Tech) – Series D

YPIT (Young People In Tech) – Series D

We’re back for another epic day of networking with Young People In Tech. Come for games and fun with other techies @ Wave Beach Lagos

About this Event

The Series A, B, and C of the YPIT installations were resounding successes, and we are only right to give you the next! We are back with another networking event for Lagos’s young people in tech. YPIT aims to create an atmosphere that young people in tech can vibe to with a strategy to connect the Nigerian tech industry at our level. We had the idea to build an active community of small people who want to do big things. We know that we’re young, as are many of the people we know, and we see how that can be a disadvantage. I mean, we’ve not had the luxury of working in 4 or 5 places like our older colleagues, we haven’t built a solid network and we’re stuck trying to use WhatsApp and Twitter to connect to our peers on similar levels.


Talking about the interesting range of people that have been part of YPIT so far, the list goes from founders and cofounders, to CEOs and COOs, freelancers, designers, hardcore devs and baby devs, writers, too many kinds of analysts to count, customer support, marketing guys, interns, and investors. We said “we want to bring this event to everyone that falls somewhere in between, and make sure it’s a level ground for everyone to meet everyone.” and we’re actually seeing it come to life. We get so excited thinking about the possibilities and we hope you’re just as excited!


Let’s end the year with the right network because we believe there is so much we can achieve together!! So we want you to come if you work across any functions in Tech, Business, Finance, Frontend, Backend, Full stack, Data, Marketing, DevOps, Support, HR, Design, Product, Operations, Compliance, Legal, Testing, Research… you name it!


This event is a testament to the community we are building. It is what we hope many people building big things tomorrow will look back and tell people, “that’s where I met the people I built this big thing with.” Once again, come ready to meet people, and come ready to talk about yourself. It’s a party, it’s good vibes, and it’s for networking. Can’t wait to see you there!


  • Time : 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm (UTC+0)

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